Moss, lichen &
algae removal

In order to keep the roof clean a preventative treatment should be applied every 2-3 years.

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No matter what anyone else will tell you, the only way to effectively remove biological growth from your roof without causing damage, is to apply a specially formulated treatment.

It will not damage the roof or spouting regardless of the material, and reaches its maximum effectiveness after 12 months of weathering. The moss, lichen and algae are killed within hours of application, and the weather does the rest.

Depending on the severity of the growth, a re-treatment may be required after 12 months, although at that stage a marked difference will be evident. Our product has been used with great results in New Zealand for many years, and is Kiwi made for our specific conditions.


In order to keep the roof clean a preventative treatment should be applied every 2-3 years.

An unwashed area is any part of your home that is not naturally washed by rain. Materials used to weatherproof your house will normally have warranty requirements by the manufacturer that they are washed on a regular basis.


If water does not fully wet the area when it rains, it is an unwashed area. For example, the underneath of your guttering may get wet, but it is insufficient to wash away salt and other contaminants which build up. This is particularly critical for iron or steel roofs and gutters.

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