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GutterCare utilises tried and tested cleaning techniques to remove moss, mould, lichen, algae and grime from exterior surfaces to achieve the best possible results.

Ideally we would use nothing more than water when cleaning but chemicals used sparingly have a very important part to play in the majority of our cleaning processes. Excessive use of pressure whether water based or via brushing methods can damage or degrade surfaces unnecessarily.

The use of bleach and detergent based products for exterior cleaning purposes is commonplace in NZ and around the World. Their use improves visual and sanitary results, reduces abrasion risk and also significantly reduces water consumption. Provided suitable techniques are used, any environmental risk can be safely minimised. We look to use as little product as possible to secure the best possible result.

Job specific requirements and sensitivities will always be considered and we work with clients to help ensure that their needs are considered and expectations met.

GutterCare is a member of the Exterior Cleaning Industry Association and is fully committed to adhering to any published best practice guidelines with regard to water efficiency and discharge managment.

Call our toll free number 0800 22 55 00 for a price or get in touch via our contact page. We are happy to answer any questions free of charge.

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